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Mooncalves in a Minefield • 2018 rpg

Kevin Damen •

You're Mooncalves. Mooncalves are ugly, mean, stupid creatures. You're stuck in a Minefield. When your Patience runs out, you'll blow up. Last one standing wins. Annoy everyone else, before they beat you to it!

Fold an A4-sized paper down the middle. Write your Mooncalf's Name on one side, and three Deformities on the other. Put it down so your Name faces your way and your Deformities face the other Mooncalves. Hand every Mooncalf six six-sided dice, representing their Patience. 

The ugliest Mooncalf gets to take the first turn. On your turn, choose one: 

TAUNT MOONCALF: Insult the target Mooncalf by alluding to their Deformities. Roll their Patience. Steal any 6's rolled and add them to your own Patience.

GET CENTERED: Tell the other Mooncalves what you do to calm yourself. Roll your Patience. For every 6 rolled, steal one Patience from a Mooncalf. Every 1 rolled is removed from the game.

Tell the others what dangerous gambit you make to endanger another Mooncalf. Roll your Patience. 1-2 : You blow up. 3-5 Steal two Patience from any Mooncalf. 6 Steal four Patience from any Mooncalf. 

Play continues counter-clockwise.

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