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The Basilisk's Lament • 2018 rpg

Scott S Slater III • @ninthcircle

-Tarot deck
-One d6 per player. 

By some strange twist of fate, you find yourselves hunting the elusive and deadly Basilisk.  

Choose someone to control the narrative - flip a card from the tarot and draw inspiration from it to set the scene. 

Whenever anyone has a chance of failure, everyone secretly and simultaneously rolls their d6.  Everyone takes a moment to silently look at their result.  

If you roll a one, you're subjected to gaze of the Basilisk.  You AND your character cannot move or speak for the duration of the game (there's a chance that everyone is frozen - it may take a moment to figure this out). 

Everyone else reveals their d6. Whoever rolled the highest takes control of narrating, resolving the action, and a new Tarot card is flipped.

If the Tarot card's number matches the result you just rolled, you have discovered the lair of the basilisk.  Describe your attack, and roll once more. 

If at least one player remains after this roll, you've defeated the basilisk.   If you've all been petrified, take a moment to imagine it crawling amongst what remains of your party, and listen for the hoary croak that is the Basilisk's Lament.

Author Comments

Thank you to Chris, Heather, Jeff and Mike for taking a peek at this!

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