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FOREST MOTHER: Motherhood in a dangerous wood • 2018 rpg

Kurt Potts •

You are a Forest Mother and the Forest is in danger. Protect the Forest through your guardians.

Describe your Mother on a notecard with room for traits. 
Mother's have a deck (2-10 of a suit) to represent their time. Choose which guardians get your time by assigning cards.

Youngest mom first; continue clockwise

Your turn:
Gain a TRAIT. Share its story. Draw one card per TRAIT. Shuffle if necessary.
Write a DANGER on a notecard and describe an existing DANGER's WEAKNESS.
Create a GUARDIAN with a name and TRAIT OR give a GUARDIAN cards equal to its TRAITS.
Assign your GUARDIANS to DANGERS. Combine cards against one DANGER or split up.
CLAIM and discard 1 random leftover card of your suit per DANGER overcome.
Discard cards used against DANGERS.

Describe the conflict. Roll 2d6-WEAKNESS vs cards+TRAITS.
Roll equal to or lower: DANGER overcome, Assigned GUARDIANS develop 1 TRAIT.
Roll higher: DANGER persists, Assigned GUARDIANS suffer DOUBT and develop 1 TRAIT. 

Make excuses to prevent DOUBT by removing a random card from your deck. GUARDIANS with DOUBT are lost when they fail to overcome a DANGER.

Play ends when all cards of a suit have been CLAIMED.

Author Comments

I’ve been trying to write a game about motherhood for a while. And more than that I wanted the player to feel the struggle of splitting their resources between those that desperately need them. The relentless cutting that happens in this contest definitely drove home the theme of the game for me. I hope you enjoy it.

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