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Conches and Cameras • 2018 rpg

Takuma Okada •

It is the morning after a storm. The beach is littered with debris tossed up by the violent ocean. You, and maybe your friends, comb your way through the detritus in the early morning and find something unusual. What is it? Pick below, or roll a die.

1. A sealed container. Perhaps covered in barnacles.
2. A message. Recent, or archaic?
3. A deepsea item. What dragged it out of the depths?
4. A relic from a forgotten age. How long ago did this sink below the waves?
5. An ordinary object with signs of usage. What was the previous owner like?
6. A precious treasure. Natural, or man-made?

If you're playing with others, pass the object around. Take turns noticing its features. Ask questions, tell stories, and give explanations. You can use the example questions for inspiration or suggestions.

The dawn is breaking. The sun rises over the ocean, so tempestuous the night before, and now impossibly calm. Will you seek out the previous owner? Keep the object? Or throw it out to sea, for someone else to find?

Whatever you decide, take the long way home, and have a cup of your favorite hot drink. 

Author Comments

Longer version with more tables at:

Thank you to Sam, designer of You Will Destroy Something Beautiful and all around good person/GM. And of course thank you Rachel, Ethan, Mike, and everyone I’ve played games with recently. Y’all are the best.

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