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Spin, Measure, Cut • 2018 rpg

Joel Dettweiler •

A game with a collection of dice for three players or teams.

Together, name a hero. Spin tells of the hero's strength; Measure tells of what they love; Cut tells of their weakness.

Roll 3d6. Cut takes all 1s.

Spin adds the numbers on remaining dice to form pools of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20. For each pool, Spin picks up a new die with that number of sides and tells of the hero's triumph or fame. The larger the die, the greater the victory.

Measure takes each new die and rolls it. Cut takes all 1s. Measure tells of small moments that matter to the hero: if the roll is greater than half its size, happy moments; if less or equal, sad. The smaller the die, the more important.

Cut may discard a die they have taken to interject a loss or defeat during Spin or Measure's narrations. The larger the die, the greater the fall.

Start again with all dice except Cut's.

Play until Spin makes 3d20 (end in a blaze of glory); Measure rolls two crits in a row (end in peaceful anonymity); or Cut discards a d20 (end in tragedy).

Author Comments

Based on the mythical Fates and a clever little game called Dice Farmer by Tailsteak []

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