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The demon threads in shadow. Even children know this. Do not turn around and ask for favour. It will twist your wants around your neck and strangle you slowly... unless "they" come by. Only then will your soul have a chance at redemption.

"They" are people who specialize in winning souls of fools from the darkness. The only way to accomplish this - the Redimet Verse.

Prepare and show "them" the Chirograph and describe the tragedy it brought. Throw 3d6 to generate the words of the Verse:

Word 1: Catch Recite Race Cut Kill Trade
Word 2: Yourself Family Wife Child Demon Saint
Word 3: Cry Smile Moon Sun Needle Sword

Example: (4)Cut (4)your child's tongue out while (2)smiling. 
Example: (2)Recite a poem about (1)yourself while staring at the (4)sun.

"They" throw 1d6 each and keep the results, so do you - demon. 

"They" conjure up a way to trick you and bargain in the fool's name. 

Every sentence costs a point from that characters pool. 

You can ignore "their" words by paying the same price per sentence. 

Once someones pool runs out - they fall silent. 

Do not let "them" STEAL from you.

Author Comments

May the conciseness of thought be your sharpest edge against evil. Have fun tricking the devil out of his souls. This is a system I’m working on with a bit more of a comedic twist. It’s loosely based on the Dogs in the Vineyard conversation system. I love the idea of using the players actual skills as the skills of their characters. Wit, word smithing, forethought can all be forged into weapons.

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