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Stick it to the Man! • 2018 rpg

Chuck Dee •

Requires tokens, paper, 3-5 players.


One player is The Man.

- Who are you?
- What do you want?

The others are the Rebels.

- Why do you resist?
- Did you have a chance or choice?
- What will you do?
- What won't you do?

When you hurt The Man, you create Consequence.

Each Rebel has an Approach. Ask The Man:

- The Hurt (3,6,9)
- The Refresh (1,2,3)
- The Consequence (3,6,9)

What is your Goal (recommended 30)

Start with 0 Consequence tokens, and 5 Influence tokens.


Ask The Man, "What's going on?"

He'll describe, including:

- Target
- Risk and Reward (Consequence and Influence gain or loss)

The Man bids a hidden Challenge: Target + waged Consequence.

Choose a Rebel to bid Effort: Hurt + waged Influence.

Rebel wins if Effort exceeds the Challenge.

Winner tells result. Losers shut their piehole.

- Add/Subtract Consequence and Influence.
- Add Consequence from Approach.
- Take used Approach to zero.
- Refresh used Approaches, usable again when recharged to Hurt.
- Fix Influence- you can't use or lose it.


If the Rebels's non-fixed Influence goes below zero, they are crushed. The Man tells what happens.

If their Influence exceeds the Goal and is higher than current Consequence they win and tell how.

Author Comments

Thanks to /u/wthit56 on Reddit and my wife and daughter. There was so much I wanted to add, but couldn’t in the constraints. If you’re interested, check out the formatted version at

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