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Vague, Furtive, Disguised • 2018 rpg

Alasdair Reavey •

Battles for control of the world are normal. There are countless secret organisations and societies that send agents to take part in clandestine operations.

Minimum 3 players, 1 Secret-Keeper and the rest are Secret Organisations.
Each player needs pencil, paper and six-sided dice.

2 Agents:
 - Name: (public)
 - Two One-Word Traits, one positive one negative: (Secret)
Example: Agent Genghis is Athletic but Arrogant

Secretly write down 3 numbers as coordinates.
Invent a scenario to hide each coordinate. 
Example: a coordinate is locked in a bank vault, another is inscribed on an auction item.

Organisations send their agents after any coordinate. All agents are sent to coordinates then players take it in turns to describe the agents' actions.
To gain a coordinate the agents must beat 10 with six-sided dice.
Each agent is worth 1 dice.
A player may reveal an agent's positive trait and explain how it applies to the scenario, if the Secret-Keeper approves they gain another dice.
A player may announce an enemy agent's negative trait to use against them after the positive one has been previously announced, if the Secret-Keeper approves they lose 1 dice.
First Organisation to collect all 3 coordinates wins.

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