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ZENTURURAK • 2018 rpg

Emilio Bucci • no link

We cannot sleep anymore. 
Rest, sure. 
But the dream world is forever locked beyond our reach.
Zentururak, the sorcerer, cursed all mankind with his last words.
We found relief consuming Aglaophotis, but soon there was none left.
Some speak of the sacred island of Daudi, where the eerie Vestals still grow the coveted seeds.
Are you desperate enough to gamble your soul?
The hunt begins.


Godi - diplomacy, religion, trade

Hird - blades, survival, handicraft

Seidr - crows, herbs, spirits

You can add keywords when you are experienced enough.

TAKE 6d6 and split them in 2 pools.
One is your DAMAGE pool, the other is your SLEEP pool.

WHEN YOU ARE WOUND move 1 dice from SLEEP to DAMAGE.
WHEN YOU REST move 1 dice from DAMAGE to SLEEP.

WHEN A POOL REACHES 6 DICES you are dead, or become a nightmare.

PLAYERS roll all dice.
ROLL DICE when the outcome is uncertain. A 6 is a success.
ROLL YOUR DAMAGE POOL for physical feats.
ROLL YOUR SLEEP POOL for mental feats.
ADD AN EXTRA DICE for any keyword.
WHEN FIGHTING a 6 is 1 damage.

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