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Ill Suited: A Game of Two-Sided Relationships • 2018 rpg

Tim Bryant •


Deal seven cards per player from a standard deck. Each player arranges three cards (left, top, and right) to indicate their relationships and one at bottom as personal outlook. Hold the other cards.


Lowest ranked outlook goes first. On your turn draw a card, then play a card:
(1) Build relationship by playing onto your side of your relationship a card (not an Ace) matching suit * or beating rank of the other side's latest card in that relationship.
(2) End relationship by playing onto either side of any relationship an Ace matching suit * of a royal (KQJ) card that is also the latest card on that side.
(3) Change outlook by playing onto your outlook a card to replace it.

* You may always play cards matching your outlook's suit or rank.


During setup and play, narrate your relationships according to the cards: Hearts are emotional bonds and romance; Clubs are social affiliations and recreation; Diamonds are financial ties and family; Spades are intellectual affinities and work.


Stop after three relationships end or the deck is exhausted. Praise entertaining narration, clever play, or total points (K=13, Q=12, J=11, 10-2=face value, A=0).

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