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Continuity Error • 2018 rpg

Alexander Flores •

You are now the editor of a superhero comic! In order to write issues of comics you have to have a character, so let's...

"Create A Super"
On a blank index card, write the name of your Super and describe their superpower in one sentence. [When doing this at the start you have 5 minutes total]

Now let's build our comic continuity! To do this we write comic Issues. You write an Issue by rolling 1d4 & using that result to prompt a one sentence summary of the Issue on a blank paper in pen. You have two minutes to write. When you're finished, title and number your Issue, pass the paper to the right, & the writing process starts over.

1 - "Create A Super"
2 - Borrow a Super
3 - Free Reign
4 - Roll Again

Roll Again:
1 - Retcon
2 - Remove a Super
3 - Guest Writer
4 - Crossover Crisis! Everyone playing writes 6 Issues in 6 minutes together. These Issues end the continuity. No more Issues can be written on this paper. 

Save your cards! When you use a previously made Super for a new game you may add one sentence to the index card during the start.

Author Comments

This game based on my love of how goofy superhero comic lore can get and how (I would imagine) the pressures of time management, not knowing what other writers/editors/artists are doing, and editorial mandates can make that stuff a real fun mess. Thanks Maureen M., Victoria M., and Sergio F. for all the help. Have fun!

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