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Dinner at Dusk • 2018 rpg

George Tangen •

You've been invited to a fancy dinner party by a wealthy host. Game Master decides the party's setting and makes NPCs to add intrigue and drama. 

Players make a character who is in attendance and decide what they seek from a guest(s) at the party. Characters should come to the party with relationships they have with at least two of the many wealthy or famous guests, could be other PCs.

Skill ratings are set by rolling 1d6. Roll against other guests' relevant skills by rolling d6 equal to your skill rating. The highest result succeeds and the GM determines the consequences.

Charm- impress, compliment, befriend
Deceive- lie, sleight-of-hand, hide
Duel- fisticuffs, pistolling, swords
Romance - flirt, matchmake, attract
Question- interrogate, gossip, perceive

GM should provide challenges for the PCs. Example: If a PC's goal is to propose to a woman, have an aggressive NPC be in love with her. The game should provide scenes and equipment for players to have chances to accomplish their goals; this is on the GM.

At the party's end, PCs and NPCs who completed their goal may add one skillpoint anywhere for future dinner parties, failure reduces one skillpoint chosen by GM.

Author Comments

I had run a one-off with a very similar ruleset before. When I heard about the competition it seemed like a great venue to cement the rules in a fun, concise way. (For anyone curious, my setting was a 1930s yacht party)

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