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Outbackia • 2018 rpg

Ryan Buller •

Players are an indigenous clan of hunter gatherers represented by aspects of nature. Each player selects a unique Aspect and collectively rolls a d8 to overcome threats, drawing strength from their Clan Song, a d6 counter that starts at 3. 

Each round Globalization threatens the clan with a d12 roll. Threats can include: Building a railway through sacred land, converting clan members to monotheism, hunting animals to extinction. 

Players narrate how their Aspects defend against Globalization. Each narration adds +1 to the d8 roll, up to the total of the Clan Song. The d8 roll and total narrative bonus must match or be higher than the Globalization d12 roll to defend against the threat. Narratives must be unique and new each round. 

Success increases Clan Song by one. Rotate d6 counter up one to match. Players now have one extra narrative to modify d8 rolls.  

Failure reduces Clan Song by one. Rotate d6 counter down one to match. Players now have one less narrative to modify d8 rolls. 

Players must advance Clan Song to 6 then gain a final success to survive Globalization. If Clan Song drops below 1 the clan has been exterminated.   

Survival is meant to be difficult. 

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