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It's Personal • 2018 rpg

Ashton McAllan •

You're all red handed; sinners by trade and apart from the world. One of you fucked up. They explain who they slighted and how. The slighted explains why they cannot forgive the slight; the price must be blood. Everyone else say why they won't allow the unavenged death of someone who's spoken.

Everyone choose what you wield and what sways you:
Mortality. Propriety. Sentimentality. Cash.

Start with three gold.

Together, tell the story of how it all goes down. Share the spotlight and who gets to say what.

Spend gold anytime to have hardware, a connection, or put 2d4 goons in someone's way.

When you try to kill someone take 1d6 plus:
+1d6 if your hardware's features aid you.
-1d6 if your hardware's features hinder you.
+1d6 for each injury they have.
Roll the d6s, keep the highest.
On 6, you kill them.
On 4-5 they gain an injury.
On 1-3 you gain an injury.

When you bargain with someone, speak as your character and try swaying them by invoking what you wield. Remember what sways you. If things aren't resolving, just murder them.

It's all over when everyone is satisfied or dead.

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