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Fractured Fiction • 2018 rpg

Violet Harper • no link

Fictional worlds have collided and only the players, characters of these various worlds, can fix it. Travel through this absurd land and defeat the FINAL BOSS.

Everyone choose a novel. At least 100 pages, preferably no pictures.
Players: This is your CHARACTER, source of actions and items.
GM: This is the WORLD, source of enemies and obstacles.

Roll a d100 (2d10) to get a page number. Pick one word from that page and the page across from it in the book.
GM: Form words into CHALLENGES. (black knight, lava river, waffle salesman)
Players: Form words into SOLUTIONS for these challenges. Write this down in secret. (fire incantation, big jump, polite rejection)

Players reveal their solutions and debate and decide which solution to employ. Solutions from multiple players can be combined or used together. Creator(s) of employed solution gets an UPGRADE.

UPGRADE: +1 word usable in solution per upgrade.

After 5 challenges, fight FINAL BOSS.
GM: Use up to 5 words from anywhere in WORLD to create one final challenge.
Players: Roll 3 times and pick one phrase/sentence from each page to make a poem describing how you defeat the boss. 
Vote on best poem. Haikus ALWAYS win.

Author Comments

Thanks reddit! Especially thank you u/wthit56 and u/Pyrofousque

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