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Legacy • 2018 rpg

Jonathan Yildiz • https://twitter.com/LowGhostGames

- 3+ Players
- Paper
- Pencil

Players tell the story of a fictional item, the people who use it, and the world it belongs to.

Select one player to be the CREATOR. All remaining players are HOLDERs.

The game begins with the CREATOR, then continues with each HOLDER in a clockwise rotation until each player has had one turn.

On a player's turn, they must complete the following steps specific to their role (CREATOR, HOLDER) in sequence.

- Who are you?
- What year is it?
- Where are we?
- Create a fictional item. How was it made? Why was it created? What does it do?
- Roughly sketch your item on a sheet of paper.
- Pass the item to the next player.

- Who are you?
- What year is it now?
- How has the world changed?
- How did the item come into your possession? What do you do with it? How does it make you feel?
- If you are not the last HOLDER, pass the item to the next HOLDER.
- If you are the last HOLDER, tear up the sketch.
- What happened to the item?
- How did its legacy end with you?

Author Comments

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. It was a lot of fun creating a system that allowed a wide array of storytelling.

I want to give a quick shout-out to Eric Dicy for all of his support.

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