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Code Past Present Future • 2018 rpg

TheMonarchGamer •

Storytelling now controls the future of the world; the first AI must have its own memories.  Players portray software and sociology EXPERTS - each with their own agenda - attempting to collaboratively construct this first AI's memories.
One player may instead optionally be selected as ARBITER to ensure fairness.  Otherwise, all players function as the ARBITER together.
First, the ARBITER assigns all EXPERTS secret objectives (e.g. "Restore the Illuminati to power").
The EXPERTS then take turns, starting from the Unix Epoch (Jan 1, 1970), describing one event that they give the AI as a memory.  These events may be made up, but a two-thirds majority veto forces the player to use a historical event instead.
This event is then written down (into MEMORY).  Play repeats until a date set by the ARBITER is reached (default: 2040).
At the end of the game, the players reveal their secret objectives and the ARBITER decides how much each event in MEMORY supports each player's objective by awarding STRONG INFLUENCE, WEAK INFLUENCE, or no influence.
Afterwards, all EXPERTS roll 1d6 for every STRONG INFLUENCE and 1d4 for every WEAK INFLUENCE they have.  The player with the highest roll wins and narrates the future.

Author Comments

I admit, I was inspired by Jim McClure’s game Reflections. After listening to Wolf 359’s episode 41 “Memoria,” I knew what my theme for this year’s 200 word RPG challenge would be.

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