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Dreamsongs Behind Closed Eyes • 2018 rpg

Jacob Miller III • no link

The real and dreamed fold over and over; daylight memory songs and the night's recital.  Dreamsongs behind closed eyes.

Everyone is a player.  
Players direct a child's dream as a team.  
The youngest player starts the dream.

All players have 1d6 DREAMDICE.
Roll DREAMDICE and keep the result.  These are counters.

Describe the child's observations and actions.
Decrease any player's DREAMDICE counter by 1.
DREAMDICE are removed at 0.
Repeat moving clockwise to the next player.

The child wakes when all DREAMDICE are removed.  

Tell a dream or nightmare story together.

The mind of a child is white linen-it flows with every breath of inspiration, every touch of imagination. 
Imagine blue sky hues blending into green hills.  You are here shaping this closed-eye world with your breath and touch. 

You are not alone.

Fluffy-stuffed attic bear clouds roll in, soft and cool like under a summer pillow.  
You bend them, shape them into familiar friends.  

There is a house here.  Ants and small things burrow in a croaking darkwood porch. 
A screen door clacks against an eyed and gnarled frame.  

The hungry, clacking, screen door mouth invites you in.  What is inside?

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