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Goodnight Kyle. • 2018 rpg

Haiduc •

How to Play: Become Kyle. Game Pieces Required: A bag of standard birthday balloons.

Everyone is Kyle and Kyle has the balloon again.

Everyone must grab a balloon.

Every Kyle must inflate their balloon and subsequently, as soon as everyone has filled their balloon, instantly start releasing the air out of the balloon (making the most annoying sound possible by pinching and releasing the opening of the balloon with two hands to impede other Kyle's from talking.) 

Every Kyle must tell us about their entire day.

There is no order in which a Kyle can speak because every Kyle is above the law. 

If you laugh or fart, you lose.

The game is over when all the balloons are out of air at the same time or if every other Kyle has given up by saying "Good night, Kyle."

If a Kyle's balloon is out of air. A Kyle can refill their respective balloon but then all Kyle's must immediately start talking about their trip abroad, all at the same time.

If a Kyle is filling up their balloon at the same time as another Kyle, all the other Kyle's must scream in agony but keep making annoying balloon noises.

Author Comments

You could replace the name Kyle with any name, but why would you.

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