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Full Circle • 2018 rpg

William Spinks •

A game for four players.

Get some cards. Label 5 "Neophyte," "Battlescarred," "Eldest," "Darkness," and "The World." Put The World in the middle. Distribute the remaining roles. Each player writes one detail for the World, then each player takes turns writing details about their role until each role has three. 

The Darkness sets a machination in motion. Describe how you will change one of the world's details for the worse. If no-one steps up, the change happens. Erase and replace the old detail.

If someone steps up to Challenge The Darkness, it takes a toll. The Challenger says how they strike a blow that changes one detail of The Darkness or The World, and The Darkness responds with one change of the Challenger's details for the worse. After both players negotiate and agree, the Challenger and Darkness erase and replace their chosen detail. Otherwise the Challenger must back down after one minute's negotiation. 

Resolve three machinations, then change your roles. The Eldest succumbs. Destroy their card and give them the Darkness role. Erase and replace the word "Battlescarred" with "Eldest." "Neophyte" becomes "Battlescarred." The cardless ex-Darkness player creates a new Neophyte. Play until each player has played The Darkness once. 

Author Comments

Been kickin’ this idea around in various forms for a while. Nice to have it finally completed in some form tbqh. This iteration ended up being pretty brutal.

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