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The Greatest Epic Poem • 2018 rpg

Alistair Pearlman • no link

In this game, you take the role, of a person, all do know him

a group of Bards recounting their tales

In the form of an epic poem

Each player must simply choose a name, and an adjective they attribute to their character.
The Lead Bard functions as a game master, and starts the poem with a short rhyme detailing where they are and what they need to do. From then on, the group sits in a circle and tells the story, the lead bard says a line,  ("The group sat by the mountainside, when they saw a sallow man"), To which a bard reply with their action or speech ("I walked over merrily, to offer him a hand").  The lead bard will sing every other line, and the group take turns replying in a circle. 
If a bard is unable to make a rhyme, or if 10 seconds pass, the interaction goes unfavorably. If the bard makes a rhyme, it goes well. If the Bard makes a rhyme and his action plays to his adjective, The Lead bard may choose to reward him, pointing at him while saying his line as a gesture to reply to him again.

Author Comments

One day I might make a full version of this! check my twitter @theallypearlman to see if I do!

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