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Love Interest • 2018 rpg

EnvelopeSpooner •

You've just saved the world, all there is to do now is find a partner and settle down.

One player is the Love Interest, everyone else is a suitor.

Suitors have a name and 3 confessions in the form "People think I'm ___, but really I'm ___"

One at a time, the Suitors take the Love Interest out. 

The Suitors each plan a date with the love interest. A date includes

A meeting
A cute happening
A confession

The love interest is not a character. Instead, as dates happen, characteristics will be applied to them. If a date has them at the gym, they might be fit, but the next date might contradict that by having the Love Interest do unfit things.  

If there are three contradictions, the Love Interest wins.

The Love Interest baits contradictions, the active Suitor tries to move the date to the Confession, and the other Suitors ask questions to flesh out details. Once per date each other Suitor may possess the Love Interest to make them say or do something.

After everyone confesses, the next set of scenes is performed.
After the suitors have each confessed three times the Love Interest picks a winner.

Author Comments

Born out of the frustration of wanting to cultivate meaningful relationships with fictional characters.

The Love Interest should be able to secretly select three words, that allow them to immediately terminate a date should they be said. This will mean the Suitor who said the deal-breaker will need to go again giving the Love Interest another opportunity to cause the Suitors to lose.

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