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Card Guided Role Playing Game • 2018 rpg

Alexander James • no link

The game is meant to be light narrative driven game guided by the art work on cards (or the stats if so desired) of your favourite taro deck, LCG, CCG or any other deck of cards with artwork.

Using a deck(s) of your favourite card game draw cards to represent your character(s) abilities, motivations, goals, and relationships to other players and the plot hook (also from drawn cards). The GM draws cards for inspiration/ furthering events; players draw 7 cards at the beginning and may play them to influence the story swaying it in their favor rewarded more cards for great narrative by the GM. If there is dispute on an action's success play of an appropriate card in reference to their abilities to resolve it is appropriate, otherwise a consequence (distancing the character from their goal) or GM can remove a card from that players abilities or add to their motivation.

Author Comments

Inspired by Fiasco, School Daze meets Dixit and meant to be on the fly narrative game guided by art.

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