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How Legends Are Made • 2018 rpg

James Carey •

Even Number of Players
60 Second Timer

Players sit in a circle and work together to invent a Crisis. Create a Setting and a Threat to that setting. Examples: The kingdom and the Dragon-Emperor, Central High-school and the East-side Snakes, Gastown and the hurricane. 
Talk only in broad strokes, not spending more than 5 minutes.

Each player invents a Hero. In one or two sentences, they introduce their Hero to the group.

Then, divide the players into two groups, A and B, by counting off around the circle.

In 60 second turns, A players whisper what happened to their Hero during the Crisis to the B player to their Left. B players may not talk, ask questions, or write anything down. 

B players now turn to their Left, and whisper everything that happened during the Crisis to their Hero and the Hero whose tale they just heard. They must reconcile any apparently conflicting facts. 

This continues until all Heroes' tales have made their ways around the circle. At this time, without speaking, each player writes down the events of the Crisis and what occurred with each Hero. Stories are then shared.

This is How Legends are Made.

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