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Nobody brought a system to run. • 2018 rpg

Samantha Carrington • no link

Needs: 1d6 (more is better), Paper, Pen/pencil, GM, Players. 
Convient for: Bored in a pub, waiting on friends who are always late, just 'cause. 

Each player makes a character sheet listing the following stats


Players then roll 1d6 per stat and then allocated the numbers to stats. 
The players then list 1 traits that they wish to hold true in the game world. (I want their to be zombies, I want their to be a river, I want their to be magic, I want to own a dog) The world traits cannot be in direct conflict with another trait that has already been said. They will then go around again creating another trait.

After listening to all the world traits players can then use their stats to name and describe their character. 
The GM will then run a setting based on the players specifications and allow the players to interact with the world. 

When the players would do something with a possibility of failure they roll 1d6 and add their appropriate stat. 
The Gm then determined a difficulty, Easy:3 Medium:6 Hard:8 Impossible 12.

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