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My Little Eye: An I Spy Melodrama • 2018 rpg

Kezle •

You are all the same character. Look around the room you are in. This is your location. Sketch out your circumstances using:


- Hospital waiting room after the matriarch's death seeking inheritance
- A coffee shop after the alien invasion seeking death
- The kitchen after 30 years seeking reunion

There are five rounds. The spotter chooses something in your location and declares its colour or starting letter. Every other player has a chance to guess. If successful, they narrate the negative version of what the object represents (ex: a bitter memory). If no one succeeds, the spotter narrates the positive version. The player to their left is now the spotter. Once everyone has been the spotter, the next round begins with a new emotion:

1 Memory: Treasured vs Bitter
2 Sorrow: Old vs New
3 Dream: Pursued vs Abandoned
4 Resentment: Forgotten vs Fresh
5 Hope: Found vs Lost

After each round, total up negative vs positive outcomes to determine the dominant result. In a draw you decide. At the end of the game, these determine the overall emotions of the character and whether or not they meet their goal.

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