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De Bello Graffito • 2018 rpg

Chris O'Neill •

Decide to play this game before a trip.

Know this, you are all REFUGEES who escaped from a Secret War!  WHO WERE YOU BEFORE?

Psychically gifted - you catch glimpses from that world; but cursed - the War still ravages the Magical World you left behind, and now you can only bear witness. As you travel this Mundane World, you journey across the Secret World. 

Look for GRAFFITI. When it catches your eye, take a photograph. Each GRAFFITO is an eruption of psychic energy from that Secret War piercing the veil between our realities:

Is it an omen? Portent?  Lie. A rare Truth?
Perhaps, a request? Instructions? A map?
A victorious tale, or a doomed romance?
The last words of a queen, or a beggar?
A spell or dread ritual?  An attack!
The sigûl of your nemesis...

What it is, what it was, what it means - a riddle to be solved.

Share your findings when your Cohort gathers.  Hopefully, through the Alchemy of Combination, we can understand these sendings and images. SHARE A GRAFFITO, explain what you think it means. Perhaps, another refugee will find meaning in it, and bring forth their own. Solve the Riddle. BEAR WITNESS.

Author Comments

Thanks as always to the 9th Level Games Team - Heather, Heather and Dan (and Brian and Scott). Also thanks to Luke Crane and Will Hindmarch for some serious yet great criticism of the earlier incarnation. Here is a link to a single page printable PDF version -

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