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Look up! Look up! Look up! • 2018 rpg

Sasha Reneau •

You are extremely in a hole.

Draw 5 tarot cards face-down, like so:


Flip the cards and interpret one at a time:
LOOK DOWN: This is what's left of the splintered support that broke under you.  It can be physical, or metaphorical.
LOOK AROUND: This describes the nature of the hole.  How was it made?  What was it for?
LOOK UP: This is what traps you down here.  Is it far from help?  Are the walls too sharp to grasp?
LOOK UP: This is what you would need to escape.  It might be a length of rope, or a spark of courage.
LOOK UP: This is what you can see through the narrow opening at the top of the hole.  Is it worth the climb?

Now. Pick up the shattered pieces of card 1.  Use it to find handholds in card 2, and start climbing.  Do you surpass card 3?  Do you find card 4, or make do without?  Choose something from each card as a souvenir of the ascent (treasures, tools, scars). 

When you reach the top, does card 5 offer you help?  Does it force you back? Do you pull it under?


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