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Laplace's Demon • 2018 rpg

Courtney Barnebey • no link

The Demon (GM) is an entity with empathy and perception so heightened it can interpret the cosmic vibrations of the universe. This ability allows the Demon to "view" stories from all beings/cultures that have, or will, exist.

The characters are at a time and place of the Demon's choosing, e.g. 1920s Chicago or a starship in the future inhabited by aliens.

- The Demon determines
    - location
    - time frame
    - scenario

- Each player determines
    - Two good characteristics
    - One bad characteristic
    - Position in scenario (e.g. detective, 1st mate, etc.)
    - Optional relationship to other players

After an initial scenario description, The Demon gives focus to a character.

The Demon controls focus by asking characters to narrate the scenario. The Demon may change focus to any character at any time, but can never take it themselves. A character that has focus describes their actions, thoughts, motivations as well as the environment, events, and/or NPC's actions.

Anytime a player describes an action the Demon may ask that character to roll for the outcome using the table below and adjust the narrative according to the outcome.

2 fail with consequence
3-4 fail
5-7 success
8 success with benefit

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