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Devil is in the Details • 2018 rpg

Nicholas A Malinowski • no link

Each player is secretly given three pre-written memory cards.These can be anything from fun times at the beach or amusement park, dealing with an abusive parent, maybe something on the horror front and remember being haunted by a ghost. The memories should run the gamut of happy, maybe horrific, but sad as well. Each player should have at least one positive and one negative. 

The players then roleplay going to school with these memories

Players will work through  the story.  Players may attempt to perform any action. The ST then  determines the outcome or may ask for a die roll, setting the difficulty, thus creating a challenge. 

The goal is to explore how memories and emotions drive actions. The ST will challenge the players with atypical school experiences designed to cause the memories to flare up. The concept is to try and understand how emotions are at the heart of our actions and how to persevere with the negative.    

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