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Home Church • 2018 rpg

Tyler Beckett •

1-2 players. Requires the game Guess Who and a 10-sided die.

You were ten before you noticed all your parents' friends were church friends. There was no time for anyone else, and these friends babysat you, attended your birthday parties, carried furniture when your house flooded. Their kids were your friends, though you don't talk to them anymore. You will see many of them and their parents today, the day of your final visit to your home church. Time and distance will never let you return.

Start with all Guess Who cards face-up. On each round, roll a d10. Choose that number of faces to lower, and tell how they fit into the story of that round.

Round 1- They attended your graduation and bought you a gift
2- They made it clear they disapprove of your partner
3- They distanced themselves after the divorce
4- They still send you holiday cards
5- Political rants on Facebook
6- They live in your city and never call
7- The kindest person(s) you ever met
8- The cruelest person(s) you ever met

Choose one person. They talk to you before you leave the sanctuary. What do they say?

Author Comments

My games frequently ask questions about home, family, and community, in large part because I think they are with us for our entire lives, for good or for ill. I also think sharing about our families is an incredibly intimate thing to do, and so I find exploring fictional families is a safe(r) way to explore our feelings. Please play and explore for as long as you are comfortable, and know that you are a wonder no matter what your story is.

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