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Wrestler Troubadour Fisherman • 2018 rpg

Nicolas 'Gulix' Ronvel •

You all are Peter (Health 5)

You're each a distinct personnality : Wrestler, Cowboy, Troubadour, Ninja, Fisherman, Viking (gear related).

+2, +1, -1, -2 in Control, Influence, Exuberant, Discreet
5 Will.

Someone steals Light from you ?
- Leave Light, gain 1 Will.
- Fight. Spend 1 Will. Roll 1d6+Control. Stealer rolls 1d6+Influence. Higher takes Light. Tied ? GM gives Light to another.

Want Light ? Spend 1 Will.

Under Light, only you control Peter. Moves and speeches. Act while the others are babbling.

Outcome is uncertain ? Roll 2d6+Discreet or Exuberant (GM chooses).
** On 6-, you're HIT HARD or left in hazardous position. GM chooses and gives Light to another.
** On 7-9, you succeed. Choose one :
   - you're HIT. Give Light to somebody.
   - GM gives Light to somebody.
   - you're HIT HARD. Keep Light
** On 10+, you succeed.
** On 12+, gain +1 Will

HIT ? Lose 1 Will.
HIT HARD ? Lose 2 Will.
Instead of losing 1 Will, make Peter lose 1 Health. 0 Health ? Peter is out.

Given Light ? Gain +1 Will.

You're on a super dangerous mission. You're the only one who can save the world / the day / the girl. You can't stand each other.

GM chooses who has Light.

Author Comments

Thanks to the “Powered by the Apocalypse” community. This game is a tribute to Cowboy Ninja Viking, a great comic. It also got some Archer vibe. Don’t play it seriously, please.

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