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The Oreo One-Shot • 2018 rpg

Max Jowett • no link

* This is a one-shot comedy RPG where players change the setting by eating Oreos.
* Play until the story ends.
* Try not to destroy the world.

How Does It Work?
* Each player gets 3 Oreos (or whatever you'd prefer).
* Eat one to make any change you like to the world.
* But you can't undo another person's change (because that's no fun).
* Game takes place in modern-day reality until stated otherwise.

Character Creation
* GM assigns each player a letter (A, B, C etc...)
* Each player gives their PC a name starting with that letter.
* Player A declares how their character knows player B's.  B does the same to C.  This continues until every PC has a pre-existing relationship with two other characters.

* Uses 1d6.  Only players roll.  Succeed if you roll 4 or higher.
* If players roll against each other.  Highest number wins.  In case of a tie, GM decides.
* You can give yourself a skill at any time (it can be whatever you want).  You can't have more than 3.  Skills give you a +1 bonus (which doesn't stack).
* Once per session you can shout "Marmite!" before rolling.  Success gives a Crit.  Failure gives a Botch.

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