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Confess! • 2018 rpg

Kay • no link

The 2 players make up a story about a crime (crime scene, timelines, evidence and such). Then they pick 10 main details from that story (place, missing objects or even the name of a pet) that will be the focus of the interrogation between the players. After that, they roll a D6 and who gets the higher number decides the roles they'll be playing: detective or culprit.
Out of those 10 details previously chosen, the detective secretly selects 6 proofs: 3 which the culprit will have to confirm and 3 which they will have to lie about (because only the real culprit would know them correctly).
The interrogation lasts three turns, each turn the detective can ask two questions to the counterpart about the 10 selected details. The culprit can answer the questions saying the truth or lying. 
At the beginning of the third and last turn, the detective removes one of the 6 proofs he hasn't asked questions about yet. 
At the end of the third turn the culprit is arrested and loses the game if they had answered in the wrong way at least three times (lying to those the detective wanted them to confirm or vice versa).

Author Comments

It was so exciting to try joining this challenge! Hope you like it! For an extended version (and a quite funny tryout) check:

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