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Bodies • 2018 rpg

Cris Ros • no link

Arvok is an old man possesed by demons. And he is dying, so they need to find new hosts. Each player chooses one demon: Leg Arm (controls it), Right Arm (controls it), Body (controls rest of the body: legs, head, torso,breathing and bowels), Voice (controls mouth and talking).

To do anything, roll 2d6: +10 = success, 7-9 = success with a cost, 6 or less = failure and bad things. Against each other, compare rolls.

Arvok (GM) will try telling others he is possessed. And to kill himself. You can't allow him (you lose). And you must find new bodies, but there are problems:

Only one demon passes to a new host (and gains control of it)
When a demon leaves Arvok, their corresponding body part is freed (making it harder to control him)
When only one demon remains on Arvok's body, he will die (and the demon is lost forever)

To possess a person/animal: Arvok needs to capture and inmobilize them. Then, only one of you can pass, the one that succeeds at:
Left or Right Arm: Reaching into their heart
Body: Making them kiss your feet or drink your blood
Voice: Convincing them to let you in 

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