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Middlesax • 2018 rpg

Josh Flint • no link

Once each generation, the stars shine black, and Faeries plague Middlesax.

The six village Elders have seen this before, and begged the Bishop for aid.

You arrive at nightfall, with four Conviction and five Faith. The Elders greet you in the square. Describe them, and your journey from the monastery. The GM will describe Middlesax. 

You sense the Fae are here because of an Elder. Discover who, and why, and the Fae may leave.

Each day, the Elders try to further their schemes. Regain one Faith if you bring peace, one Conviction if you find comfort or friendship, never both.

At night, you banish Faerie glamours. Choose a number of Faith to Spend, roll 2d6 + Spend.

On a 10+ Middlesax is safe.

On a 7-9, choose two:

   An Elder perishes.
   Lose one Conviction.
   Your efforts tomorrow are doomed to failure.
   Cursed: -1 to future rolls. 

On a 2-6, the GM chooses three, and Faeries kidnap a Child.

The GM will describe it.

If you lose all your Conviction glamours overcome you, you abandon Middlesax. 

If only one Elder remains, they confess, but Middlesax is lost.

If the Faeries kidnap three children, they leave, but return next generation.   

Author Comments

This started as a game for two players, about monks fighting ghosts, inspired by the board game Ghost Stories. It’s ended up as something different, and could probably use a few more words for clarity, but overall I’m pretty happy with where it ended up.

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