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New Friends, New Music - A 2 Player RPG • 2018 rpg

Peter Underwood •

Each choose a band/artist - different genres. Use to make a playlist. Save it/recreate it in Youtube, then shuffle it.

You are two strangers at a party.

Choose a name.
--Why are you at the party, and who do you hope doesn't come?
--Why did you choose your outfit, and what are you accenting/hiding?
--What's your drink? Who disapproves, and why are you drinking it anyway?

Start the music and get a drink. When the second song begins, you meet.

Talk about each bullet point, changing when the song changes. The conversation's mood depends on whether:

Both like the song: Be relentlessly optimistic. 

Both don't like: Be sympathetic and commiserate.

One doesn't like: If that player is answering, they are evasive, give one-word answers. If asking questions, they are disinterested. Make it awkward. 

If you laugh at a change between songs: Discuss something else, explore your character, aim to bond. Resume bullet points in the next song.

When both players have discussed the bullet points, fade out the playlist and say goodbye.

If both characters had a positive experience, discuss the music played. If not, delete the playlist immediately.

Author Comments

Wanted to re-create the feeling of trying to open up to a stranger, and the effect music can have on interactions at a party. Music can have a huge impact on games and our environment, and I was interested in trying to use that in a game mechanic.

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