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They will not be forgotten • 2018 rpg

Dylan Ford • https://twitter.com/WraithDrof

The kingdoms have fallen - you've barely escaped. Play alone.

If you die without creating a memorial for each of your 4 fallen party members, you'll become a demon.
The game ends after making your own memorial.

Your ledger keeps track of: FOOD, MEDICINE, DANGER and SUPPLIES. Each start at 1. They can't be lowered below 0.
On your map, draw the clearing you survive in.
In your diary, describe yourself and how you got here.

Each day, you may do 3 actions. Actions you can perform are:
+ Spend 2 supplies. Create a memorial. Place it on the map. Give a eulogy.
+ Spend 1 supplies. Draw something small on the map.
+ Explore outside the clearing. Roll 1D6:
6:   Cache, choose: +1 Medicine / -1 Danger / +3 Supplies / +3 Food
4-5: Forage         +1 Food                                         
2-4: Salvage        +1 Supplies                                     
1:   Event                                                          

Whenever an event occurs, roll 1D4:
4: Natural,    -1 Supplies
3: Unnatural,  -1 Food
2: Horrid,     +1 Danger
1: Near-death, -1 Medicine; otherwise, die.

After each day, -1 Food OR -3 Supplies; otherwise, die. Write a diary entry interpreting the day.

Each night, roll 1D8+Danger:
7+:  Event
5-6: +1 danger
1-4: Peaceful

Author Comments

I’d like to thank Psionide for helping me in roleplaying desing in general. His entry is here and I think it’s great: https://200wordrpg.github.io/2018/rpg/2018/05/25/PressureBuilding.html

I’d also like to thank Ewen Cluney for making Hikikomori, an rpg which was a primary source of inspiration for this entry. I liked playing it and felt I could build upon it in an interesting way. You can check it out here: http://dsg.neko-machi.com/hikikomori.pdf

I’m currently developing a roleplaying game called “Providence” and if this entry interested you, follow me on twitter to see how that pans out! I post updates about it under the #ProvidenceRPG hashtag.

Thank you for reading :)

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