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Trench • 2018 rpg

Jason Hughes •

You are a group of soldiers, huddled in a trench trying to make peace with your final moments. 

Players: 5 Soldiers with a Director

Before play, write a secret, a regret, and a hope for your Soldier.

The Director times Rounds, deals cards, and announces the high card at the end of each Round.

Soldiers sit on the floor between two lines of chairs that represent the sides of the trench. Rounds last 15 minutes. At the beginning of each Round, the Soldiers are each dealt a card from a standard deck. At the end of each round the Player with the highest card dies. Players may not show their cards to each other. Shuffle and redeal each round.

During rounds, each Soldier should try to make peace with their almost certain death. They should unburden themselves. They should talk about why they are here and why they fight.
When a Soldier dies, they take a seat and silently face the remaining Soldiers. A Soldier may choose to sacrifice themselves to save another. 

Play ends when all but one Soldier is dead. The dead now portray their families and the Survivor tells them the story of their lost love one.

Author Comments

I aspire to create a full scale version of this one day.

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