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Fade From Black • 2018 rpg

Aaron Lim •

IMPORTANT: Before play, please have a frank conversation about safety, boundaries, and comfort.

Your characters are in a relationship and have just had sex. 

Describe your characters: How you look, how you smell, what you are doing etc.

For each other player, write on a notecard how your character felt about theirs throughout the encounter and how that might change their relationship:

      (CHARACTER) made me feel/was (DESCRIPTION), and I want to/that made me (REACTION).

Tear up each notecard into 3 pieces, showing as equal amount of information as possible. Note on each part who it relates to but keep them hidden.

Then, taking turns, pick a topic. Together play out or describe a scene of your characters addressing the topic: talking, playing, teasing, touching.

- A reflection on how we met
- Gossip on a mutual friend's relationship
- Something significant that happened today
- (Make some more up, I'm out of words)

As the scene plays out, when players agree that a moment of intimacy has been shared, they may each reveal one piece of paper to each other and end the scene.

Play until all pieces of paper are revealed, and end by describing together what you each do afterward.

Author Comments

Other topics that I cut from the list to make the wordcount: The last meal you each had, An invitation to an event from a mutual friend, That one new trick you just tried, Someone just had a nice haircut, Whoa I wasn’t into it at first because I felt gassy but damn that was fun, I noticed a new bruise you had on your knee, how’d that happen? and so on

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