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A Tiny Person • 2018 rpg

Tim Hutchings •

A tiny person is hiding under a paper cup. This cup is mixed in among many other paper cups, all upside down. This person is purely imaginary, a conceit of the game-they are not real and are not represented by a player. The players want to find the tiny person, for whatever reason. 

As the players play, they will talk to each other and to the little hiding person, discovering the setting and who they are as they play.

The players will begin by trying to entice the tiny person out with words, then gently lifting the cups one at a time. The players will become angrier as each cup is revealed to be empty. Eventually they will start swatting cups off the table, then smashing them.  All of these will prove to be empty too. 

Eventually one cup will be left. The players know that this cup conceals the tiny person-it is a certainy. Pause a moment, let anyone speak who wants to speak, but someone must smash the cup.
Clean up the play area, but leave that last smashed cup untouched. Do not look underneath.  The game is over.

Author Comments

I’ve never been this viscerally upset by anything I’ve ever made.

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