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The Master's Gambit • 2018 rpg

Thomas Giles •

The Master reads this to themselves, hidden from the Apprentice.

Years ago, your master betrayed you. Find Apprentice to use in enacting vengeance.
- List preparatory missions.
- What if you are discovered by your target?
- How will you get Apprentice on your side? Ask: Living situation, aspirations, foe/rival?

Master has 4 dice in the Forms: Circle/Triangle/Rectangle. Apprentice has 0. Your target will have 6.

Name a Form to describe actions. "I CIRCLE around them," "I make a TRIANGULAR three-pronged attack," "I open the SQUARE chest."
- Master declares difficulty (1 - 5).
- Actor rolls Form's dice (d6), Master rolls extra dice for advantage.
- Narrate success per die > difficulty.
- New understanding demonstrated, # Dice < 6: Master may award die.

Before a mission, train through example. Once ready, light the Cambra Root to control Apprentice. Lead to next objective. Frame as safely honing skills through "vision quest."
- Snap fingers to awaken, send on mission. Help when necessary, then disappear.
- Mission accomplished, snap fingers to put them under. Take them home to sleep.
- Explain away any signs their "vision" was real.

Accompany Apprentice on final mission. As you take revenge, Apprentice realises what you've done. Fight, die, or escape and the cycle repeats.

Author Comments

I was inspired by the classic kung fu movie trope of the obtuse Master teaching the clueless Apprentice to wax-on-wax-off. I liked the dynamic of one person knowing so much and trying to get another to understand what they’re teaching them.

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