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Charon's Obols • 2018 rpg

Griffith Wood • no link

You have died. Regardless of your previous life, you only have one goal now: To complete your journey into the Afterlife. Armed only with a pair of silver obols you must now journey into the unknown. 

Charon's Obols is an RPG for two or more players. One plays as GM (called The Guide) while the others play as the spirits who are trying to reach their final resting place. Each Spirit receives two coins at the beginning of the game. These coins represent the price that they must pay to have Charon ferry them across The Acheron. But! Be wary, for not everyone is fortunate to have been buried with two silver coins. Many other dead beings will attempt to take your coins through violence or treachery. If the spirits try any task with dire consequences upon failure, then they must flip one of their coins. If the coin lands on heads they are successful and can continue their journey. If the coin lands on tails then they have failed and they lose one of their coins. Spirits who lose both coins cannot pay Charon and become lost to the void.

What will you do to safely enter the afterlife?

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