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The Rap RPG for You and Me • 2018 rpg

Ian Magenta •

Keep away from Diamond City. It ain't exactly pretty.

Words aren't spoken here. They're strung together like a song. Rapping heard far and near. And you'll be rapping right along.

'Cause we police the streets with beats. And serve justice out with style. Resolve our conflict through rap. No bloodshed, just bile.

Turf wars fought with words. Robberies with flow. Crimes of fashion everywhere. Having money's the way to go.

You'll have your own Style, Rep, and Wealth. Roll 1d6 to make them yourself.

When in danger add 1d4. If your rap is successful, then danger no more.

These two rolls total are the lines you must rap. The strength of which? The MC determines that.

The threatened aspect is the one you must use. With multiple involved, you're forced to choose.

Against the MC, they're the one you attack. But they've got foes who can counter back.

Between the two rhymes, the strongest wins. Life goes on 'till a new fight begins.

Rumor has it that our words grow strong. Folks dropping out after not too long.

Who knew words could have so much sway? It seems like they have more every day.

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