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The Twelfth Labour • 2018 rpg

Evie •

This game is best played with two players: the Hero and the Oracle.

Hero, you have one last quest to complete. And then, you will join the ranks of legend! Tell me, what is that task?

As you travel - How? - you come upon an arcane abode. You allow yourself this curiosity and peer inside. Seated is the Oracle, shrouded in cloak, but for their discerning eyes. Describe yourself, and your home, otherwise.

Hero, share your NAME, your SKILL, and your TASK. Of course, they already know this. Oracle, add a detail to the Hero's task, positive or negative.
Oracle, your prescience into the soul are without peer. Describe your divining instrument, and tell our Hero one positive or negative aspect of their past and future.

Hero, their insights have been received. Go on your way, and describe how you: Find comfort in your past, Take inspiration from the present, and/or Rush headlong into your future. For each, take 1d6. Oracle, take the same as well; you now represent the Hero's journey.

Roll. Whoever rolls highest, wins. In a tie, the *most* highest rolls wins.

Take turns (per the number of dice rolled) describing the Hero's victory (or defeat).

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