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Snooze Button • 2018 rpg

Alice Tobin •

Your alarm goes off, loud, intrusive. You hit the snooze button. Work awaits you, but here in bed, you are safe, warm, secure. Something else draws you to stay just a little longer. A partner sleeping peacefully beside you, an affectionate pet curled up against you, a dream threatening to vanish into the early morning haze. You drowsily realize you have another thirty minutes before you absolutely have to get up.

Draw a card from a shuffled deck to determine how long you can doze before the alarm returns. Numbered cards are that many minutes, face cards are ten, aces are eleven. 

Describe how your morning continues. Your partner mumbles in their sleep. Your pet snuggles against you. Your dream takes an intriguing turn. Decide whether to rise and great the day or hit snooze again and savor this a little longer.

Repeat as many times as you choose.

If you pass thirty minutes, you can hit snooze again, but you also must describe what you are giving up in exchange. Cutting your shower short, skipping breakfast, having to sprint to the bus instead of walk.

Beyond sixty minutes, you are late for work. Describe how this affects your day.

Author Comments

I want to thank all of the wonderful people on the Stop Hack & Roll and Riverhouse Games discords for being so wonderfully supportive! If anybody decides to play my game, please let me know how it went! ^_^

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