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Together • 2018 rpg

Cuchulain Coker •


***players describe:***
kid; kid's goal, feelings, deep secret, reason to leave boat, reason to stay with fellow characters; secret another character knows.
***Cooperatively add details about:***
boat; time; location; supplies; scene links, themes, cues; any other starting details.

Scenes have link, theme, beginning and ending cues.

link: scenes begin with words of same song. 
  theme: Wow!
  begins: singing song. 
  ends: when character says, "What is on your shoulder?"`

***Play:*** group describes circumstances and kids' proposed attempts. 

***Spin something to obtain random direction [or 1d8]:*** 
1-South = exceptional success; 
2-North, 3-Northeast, 4-Northwest = success; 
5-Southeast, 6-Southwest = partial success; 
7-East = unsuccessful; 
8-West = exceptionally unsuccessful (major complication).

Group narrates/roleplays result. Take time for dialogue and description. 

Continue cooperative storytelling  until new attempts with uncertain outcomes exist. Spin result.

***During scene-transitions***, players narrate meaningful flashbacks for each kid with exceptional result. 
Then spin for transition: 
1-South) soon after previous scene, 
2-North) players' idea, 
3-Northeast) hour later, 
4-Northwest) 8-hours, 
5-Southeast) day, 
6-Southwest) week, 
7-East) month, 
8-West) month BEFORE.

***At midpoint ask:*** Why kids now want to be in boat?

*Safe journey!*

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