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Brotherhood • 2018 rpg

Stefano Burchi • no link

Gather pencils; paper; 1d4; 4 players; tokens.

One player is The Brotherhood (TB).
Everybody else plays aspects of The Dude (TD):
  | PLAYER |VIRTUE        |VICE         |
  | 1      |Courage       |Empathy      |
  | 2      |Loyalty       |Independence |
  | 3      |Assertiveness |Rebellion    |

Everybody answers:

What's TB about? Army, college, sport, religion, politics...

Why does TD want to belong to TB?

|      |         |  ...TB require members to do?          |
|      | ...does |________________________________________|  
| What |         |  ...make TD uncomfortable about TB?    |
|      |__________________________________________________|  
|      | ...secret would get him banished?                |

TD acts upon his virtues. Otherwise, he risks banishment.

TB player: use the answers to frame 4 scenes.
Look for conflict; then ask: "What do you do?"

TD players: narrate together what TD does/thinks/says. 
Resolve a conflict: use either your virtue or vice.

Roll 1d4:

    you win, 
        1-and you hide your vice if used.
        2-but you expose vices if used. Take 1-token for each.
    you lose, 
        3-and you fail your virtues. Take 3-tokens.
        4-but you can blame someone else. Discard 3-tokens if you do, or take 3.

Narrate the outcome together.

End of game with 4+ tokens: you're banished; otherwise you retain your position. You can discard all your tokens, but another dude is banished instead of you. 

TB narrates consequences.

Author Comments

A 200 word RPG about toxic masculinity

Sources of inspiration:

Brotherhood -

Goat -

“It’s the rule that you live by and die for It’s the one thing you can’t deny Even though you don’t know what the price is It was justified” Where is the edge? - Within Temptation

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