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Sandcastle in a Dream • 2018 rpg

Joe Jeskiewicz • no link

 * old man
 * environment and weather
 * memories of the past
 * one who collects the soul

An old man is building a sandcastle in his dreams, his last sandcastle on this mortal coil, humming a song of the past while he does so.  

[__Describe the setting.]  

A being enters the dream to change the song and affect the environment.  

[__The only interaction from this being will be to describe the song, environment, and weather for all characters.]

While the old man talks at the being (maybe), memories of the past will approach him.  

[__This player will be many people from the old man's past to expose him.  These memories revolve around three troubling events from the old man's past.]

Memories, are you there to help or condemn? Be wary of the environment, it may expose you.

[__When the three events are named, the collector should enter the dream to help clear the memories and the environment until just the sandcastle and the old man and the collector remain.  Talk about the most troubling of the three events.]  

Old man, do you go quietly with the collector?  Collector, what do you do with the sandcastle?

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