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Politicalia • 2018 rpg

Morgan Goodrich • no link

Players running a government with a GM (government figurehead) or GM-less (players as peers).

Aptitudes are resource pools that represent strength/power/clout in a political sector. The aptitude groups, Moral and Corrupt, each have 4 aptitudes.  Each aptitude is complemented in the opposite group.

           Moral - Corrupt
               - - -
    Constituency - Gerrymandering
            Whip - Lobbying
              PR - Spin
       Seniority - Bureaucracy

Character Generation:
Spend 13 points in each aptitude group.

Turns are in order of Seniority.

Make a valid argumentative point with 1 roll per turn.  GMs (if applicable) introduce talking points and moderate.

Using Moral aptitudes increases that aptitude pool 1 point and decreases another moral aptitude pool 1 point.
Using Corrupt aptitudes decreases that aptitude pool 1 point and increases another corrupt aptitude pool 1 point.
These rules apply after all rolls.

Rolls are opposed between initiator aptitude and defender's same or complement aptitude.

(ex. One opposes another's Seniority with Bureaucracy -or- Seniority)

Dicepools are the sum of a single aptitude pool and its complement.

Die values 4-6 are successes. Most successes wins. Nobody wins ties.

Winner moves 1 point from loser's lowest aptitude pool to their same aptitude pool.

When any aptitude pool hits 0, that character leaves play.

Author Comments

This RPG was partially born out of the idea of having politics as the main genre. With the recent (past few months) mass social media debates on politics and regulations, I also feel that this RPG can help be a tool to discuss such issues in a more constructive manner.

I would like to thank /u/wthit56 for the help provided in polishing this final entry.

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